One of the finest retrograde restaurants in Hamilton, New Zealand
The Jukebox Diner is a retro-themed restaurant that combines a classic 1950s-style ambiance with delicious comfort food. We are known for our vibrant decor, nostalgic jukebox music, and a menu that features classic American dishes like burgers, milkshakes, fries, and more. While it might not have a direct connection to “Hamilton,” it could incorporate elements inspired by the musical, such as themed decorations or occasional “Hamilton” songs on the jukebox. With the retro vibe throughout the visits, it could create a fun and engaging atmosphere for fans of the musical who visit the diner that makes Jukebox stand on the top among all restaurants in Hamilton, New Zealand. While the Classic Museum may provide historical context related to the time period depicted in “Hamilton,” the Jukebox Diner can create an enjoyable dining experience by incorporating elements inspired by the musical. The Diner has capacity to cater for 90 guests inside and 30 guest outside area. Classic Car Museum opens through our door, group visit can enjoy 50% discount to visit Museum.
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Our Passion for The Journey ———

There are multiple things that we strive to achieve with the restaurant, from providing a comfortable and friendly atmosphere to providing exception and friendly customer service. As we try new items from our menu, we hope that every item you try will be everything you expected and more. We hope you enjoy the burgers, milkshakes, and soups we have on offer. It is with great anticipation that one of the leading restaurants in Hamilton brings the new, warm environment, along with a brand new menu offering to enhance your dining experience and to give you a more enjoyable experience. Adding our dining to your list of memories is something we’re looking forward to. Safe, large, and accommodating parking space in front of Jukebox Diner, it can cater for more than 200 vehicles.

Our Process

We are passionate about excellence in every aspect of our business, not just on the plate. We strive to provide a unique ambiance and experience to our guests through our excellent downtown location, warm hospitality, and vibrant space comparing to all takeaway restaurants in Hamilton. Our Chef’s Choice tasting menu is fully customizable based on the preferences of our guests.


Organize Your Events in our Restaurant

Birthday Parties

Celebrating a birthday parties in birthday restaurants is a convenient and enjoyable option one could ever choose. Jukebox has welcoming atmosphere where the guests can relax, socialize and enjoy their delicious food. Our chefs and culinary team can create a special menu tailored to the birthday person’s preferences.

Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversary restaurants provide a dedicated space for the anniversary celebration, ensuring privacy and exclusivity for the couple and their guests. The elegant and cozy ambience of Jukebox creates a romantic atmosphere, enhancing the celebration and hassle-free experience on the special day.
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Business Functions
Immerse yourself in a retro ambience, adorned with classic decor and nostalgia memorabilia and we serve as a business meeting restaurants. We also create lasting memories as you savor delicious food, enjoy live entertainment, and embrace the retro charm especially for the business functions. Our menu inspired and crafted with a modern twist.
Wedding Reception
Celebrate your special day in style at our charming retro restaurant, where nostalgia meets elegance. Our vintage inspired-decor sets the perfect backdrop for a unique and unforgettable Restaurants wedding receptions. Raise a toast with our expertly timeless favorites and creative concoctions.
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